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--About accomodation--


There are about 60 accommodation facilities in Chichijima and 15 in Hahajima. Most of them are "guest house"style rooms, but there are also pensions and a hotel (only in Chichijima).
You can choose from either Japanese style rooms with futon or western style rooms with beds. Some places include 2 meals while others don't. Choose the one that best meets your plans!!

--About activities--

In The Ocean


Dolphin Watching/Dolphin Swimming tour
There are tours that will give you an opprtunity to see up close the inhabitants of the blue ocean.Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins and Spinner Dolphins are commonly seen around Ogasawara all year around. See them from the boat or swim with them in the ocean!


Whale Watching tour
In Ogasawara there are 2 seasons for whale watching.
*Humpback Whale・・・from December to the begining of May.
*Sperm Whale・・・from June to November.
Let's go out to see these huge and magnificent animals.


Scuba Diving
Dive into the amazing blue world!!
Ogasawara has world class diving spots for you to enjoy. Each season has its charms: in the summer, the water become a vibrant sapphire, and in the winter,if you're lucky,you may be able to hear the song of the Humpback whales.


Ocean kayak tour
Enjoy the ocean of the Ogasawara without engines!!
paddle on the ocean and feel the waves beneth you as you enjoy the fresh air filled with the natural wonders of this island.
Going out on a boat isn't the only way to enjoy the oceans of this beautiful island!!


Outrigger canoe tour
Outrigger canoe used to be a part of life for the people in Ogasawara in the olden days. It served sea a vehicle for fishing as well as a means of transportation between islands.Even now, you can enjoy this traditional canoe to maneuver around the island to experience and enjoy Ogasawara's striling divers to its fullet!


With mask, fin and snokels,you can go into a completely different underwater world! Ogasawara has beautiful beachs with clear and calm waters that are perfect for snokering.You can see beautiful coral reefs and tropical fishes just a few feet from the beach. When you get tired, just take the gears off and float on the surface of the ocean!!


Minamijima is a national monument located 1 kilometer south-west of Chichijima. The island is home to many flora and fauna that are unique to this island. The precious Diving ecosystem of this little island has been carefully protected from invasion by non-indigenous species of plants and animals. You can get to this small paradise by boat departing from Chichijima. However, in order to preserve the natural enviroment, the island is closed off for 3 months out of the year(from November to Febrary)

On the Field


Trekking in forest tours
Walk on a forest trail surrounded by plants that you can only find on these islands. As you walk,listen to the songs of birds and the whispering of trees and you may come across some of the most amazing viewing points in Ogasawara. The sense that will be upon you when you come out through the forest is beautiful beyond description!


Historical War sites tour
Ogasawara played a major role in World War Ⅱ-in fact,President George H.W. Bush's plane crashed of the west Historical Places coast of Chichijima before he was rescued by a U.S.submarine. During the war, Ogasawara was used mainly as a fortress.
The islands still have ruins of air-raid shelters and artillery remains, serving as a remainder of the recent
                            history of the islands.


Historical Places
The history of these islands is very unique. For example,did you know that the first people who settled down on these islands were American, English, Danish, and Hawaian? Ogasawara's history is formed through the interaction of these cultures as well as of the Japanese.

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